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The Volga German Heritage to Visit

For more than a century ago some Volga German families decided to look for their happiness elsewhere, namely in America and settled down in Canada, the USA, Paraguay, and Brazil… There has been time enough for them to stop thinking about the Volga and Russia in general, but there is still something which possesses their hearts and souls not allowing them to forget: a tradition, some faded snap shots from old days, stories told by grand-grandparents… For some generations Russia was indeed a prohibited land—it was unheard of that an American (or any other foreigner) could travel to the very heart of the country! But times do change and in 1992 the first ever group of American Volga Germans descended on the Volga shore in order to visit the villages of their ancestors. They were led by a daring lady—Ms. Esther B. Trekell who broke the way for many others coming in groups and individually since then.

From this time on we were always there trying to support your efforts to come and visit the land of your grandparents, make your journey safe and pleasant, provide you with any possible information. We made reconnaissance trips in order to find out for you whether there still was a village there or the house where the family used to live… So many stories shared, so many lives lived through!

Due to some discrepancies with the new owners of Juventa-Tours we had to start a new company—the Primavera, which is now fully operational and which has inherited all the best traditions from the old one.


What exactly can we do for you?

  • scout for you what is really happening on the site, be it a remote village or another country (like Kazakhstan or Poland may be…);
  • answer some preliminary questions (we stick to the opinion that there are no silly questions, only silly answers!);
  • help you plan the trip (there may be some complex ones like start your journey with Germany or Holland then move to St. Petersburg or Moscow and only then—to Saratov, include maybe a pleasure cruise on the Volga, etc.);
  • provide you with the official letter of support necessary for obtaining your visa;
  • meet you in Moscow (or any other place as the need may be);
  • accommodate you under way;
  • provide you with guided tours;
  • guarantee your safety during your stay;
  • facilitate your communication while in Russia;
  • attend to your needs that might arise during the trip;
  • help you meet the key figures on the spot like Dr. Igor Pleve or Ms. Elisaveta Erina of Engels Archives;
  • take you to your villages;
  • be frank with you concerning prices and
  • lots of other things!

We take your wishes personally!

Ever Yours

Vladimir Manykin and PRIMAVERA Team


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