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Why do I love my job? I often ask myself this question while working late in the night or trying to solve some difficulty and so smooth the way for our tourists… I guess I know why: I just love it. I love the mobility of every day. As you come into the office in the morning you often dont know what problem you going to face in an hour. It is a fun to make up a program for an experienced traveler and get a nod of satisfaction when he comes back and says: well, that was exactly up to me! And lots of other things which make the life full!

I had never thought of traveling as business before: I just remember being a Military Police officer while in the then Soviet Army in Germany, watching the West Germans drive by on the autobahn, flashy cars, going wherever they liked… What I felt then was a kind of envy—just this feeling of freedom expressed in traveling. After that there were lots of things happening including my theses on Volga German dialects and my start in business in general.

Though the decision to start up my own travel agency came real hard: my friends, academics—Igor Pleve and Alexei Kuraev, came to me one day and said we needed our own agency which would focus on Volga Germans coming to visit their heritage villages in Saratov area. The idea appealed to me as the three of us had some expertise in this very special field and were eager to apply it in a form of business.

So since 1995 we have been trying our best in order to facilitate your visits to Russia in general and Saratov in particular. Groups and individuals have been coming our way: everyone with his or her nagging wish to see something very special, very dear. Every such visit took us to faraway villages making us see and discover things we hadnt known before, enliven and personifying the history of “unser Leit” .

I must confess that the VG trips are not the only ones that we organize. We also:

  • collect our travelers at airports and railway stations;
  • accommodate them at hotels of their choice around the world;
  • organize guided tours in Russian, English, German, French and Spanish;
  • provide interpreters if the need arise;
  • organize pleasure cruises on the Volga and other rivers;
  • help you organize a conference or a seminar, including catering;
  • provide you with a car (minivan, coach, bike);
  • book and buy tickets of any kind for you;
  • provide you with any information that might seem relevant for your trip.
Vladimir Manykin
Truly yours

Vladimir Manykin


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