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Ethnic Tourism

What we call “Ethnic Tours” here, is aimed at organizing tours in Saratov region for ancestors of Volga Germans who had formerly migrated to USA, Canada, South America and Germany.

More than two centuries ago German settlers came to found their villages on the Volga river making a living barrier against nomadic tribes from the “Wild Steppe”, bringing new technologies into agriculture and raising wastelands. Some were forced out of their colonies at the end of the XIXth century by the anti-German politics of the Russian Government, some perished during famine of 1920s or later in Stalins concentration camps and the rest were scattered in Siberia and Kasakhstan in 1941.

Not much has been left from the former Volga German Republic, even the names had changed. So in order properly arrange your visit we have to do a research or at least to find out whether the village in question still exists.

We have an agreement with Archives which guarantees special attitude to our guests and we will arrange everything in our power to make your visit unforgetable!

The best time to visit the villages is between mid-April and September, though winter might make your experience unique!

All tours are tailor-made and may start anywhere like in Holland or Germany and proceed through St.Petersburg, Moscow to Saratov or Kazakhstan.

Pleasure cruises on the Volga may be arranged!


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