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What to see in Saratov

What to See in Saratov


Saratov is an old merchants city and you can feel it even today. The city was built in 1590 as a stronghold on the Volga in order to secure the place against Nomads who used to own the Steppe. Its present day face was formed though as early as the end of the 19th—the beginning of the 20th century and stayed mostly intact: the 2nd World War which totally burned Stalingrad down stopped only 150 miles from Saratov. We will gladly bring you to the German Street, which combined in itself all architectural styles from two centuries, see the remaining churches, the Lipki Park and the Radischev Fine Arts Gallery which is considered one of the most important in Russia along with the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and Tretyakov Gallery.

In summer we will necessarily take a pleasure cruise on the Volga and see the city from the riverside. The former Volga German villages, the Museum of Local History and the Archives of the former Volga German Republic are also at your disposal.

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